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What is the PSA ?

2016-10-27 14:42:16 UPTech Read

u=3702521825,1411484034&fm=21&gp=0.jpgCompressed and purified air flows through an adsorbed vessel which is filled with carbon molecular sieve (CMS).When passing the adsorbed vessel from the bottom to the top, oxygen molecules are adsorbed on the surface of the CMS and nitrogen enriched gas leaves the adsorbed vessel, this product gas is led into a buffer tank.

After a certain time the CMS in adsorbed vessel is saturated with oxygen and needs to be regenerated. For regeneration the adsorption cycle is stopped and the pressure in the adsorbed vessel is released. To guarantee a continuous nitrogen supply, a second adsorbed vessel is utilized. whilst one adsorbed is in regeneration or so-called adsorption mode, the second vessel is in adsorption mode. Since adsorption and adsorption are achieved by alternating pressures in the adsorbed vessels, this process is called pressure swing adsorption(PSA).

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