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What is the Membrane Separation ?

2016-11-01 09:16:36 UPTech Read

During the work of membrane nitrogen generation system, the compressed air's purity is very important, the oil split compressed air is composed of oil and water under the temperature and pressure, after the cooling system, the compressed air will generate oil and water, it will break the membrane very badly. So the compressed air's purification system is very important, as below:

The compressed air from air compressor flow into air buffer tank, and then go through multi-filters, include active carbon filter(it can remove the particle, oil and water), so the purified air enter into membrane bundle, after that the final nitrogen will be produced. Normally the fitlers can remove particle to be <0.01um, oil<0.003ppm, it can satisfy for the requirement of compressed air to membrane nitrogen generation system, among the filters there is a heater and controller because the stable temperature and purified compressed air can keep the membrane nitrogen generation system's working stable.

 In sumit the filters are the key element in the system.

membrane separation.jpg

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