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    Water treatment system

    • No.: FRD20160101
    • Brand :FRD
    • Weight:5 KG

    Ultrapure Water Treatment Equipment for Electronics IndustryHigh-quality ultrapure water is essential for electronics industry, especially for IC manufacturing. Each set of ultrapure water treatm

    1. Detailed information

    Ultrapure Water Treatment Equipment for Electronics Industry

    High-quality ultrapure water is essential for electronics industry, especially for IC manufacturing.


    Each set of ultrapure water treatment equipment is customized When a company of water treatment equipment is consulted about the price, it will first learn about the client's raw water quality. Modern water treatment technology is very mature and reliable and the core components are mainly produced by famous large foreign enterprises. Thanks to the computing software and the report of raw water quality, the company can figure out an optimal plan. In fact, water quality varies from place to place. Even in the same city, the water running along and affected by different pipe lines will be more or less different.


    Determine the necessary accuracy The water treatment equipment for electronics industry is also known as ultrapure water equipment. Take IC water processing equipment for example. Electrical resistivity is generally used to measure the water purity. After processed by reverse osmosis equipment and EDI (electro- de-ionization) equipment, the water receives deep treatment with nuclear grade resin. Finally, the ultra pure water exceeding 18.2 MΩ•cm (25℃) is obtained with TOC(total organic carbon) removal technique. Besides resistivity index, other indexes are also required by the pure water equipment, including TDS (total dissolved solids), TOC (total organic carbon), DO (dissolved oxygen) and ultra fine particle diameter.


    The final quality is determined by field installation After the major parts of a large set of water treatment equipment are designed and produced according to the user's field conditions and requirements, there’s still a lot to be done in field installation. Relatively speaking, the on-site constructability determines the final quality of the whole equipment.

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