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    Fan Filter Unit (FFU)

    • No.: FRD20160101
    • Brand :FRD
    • Weight:5 KG

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    1. Detailed information

    The FFU Driven by DC Motor

    Simply speaking, FFU (Filter Unit Fan) is the terminal with air supply module. It has its own wind source and HEPA or ULPA filter. The air drawn by the powerful fan from the top is processed through the primary effect filter (optional) and HEPA filter. Then the wind comes out at the uniform speed of 0.45 m/s, and the air purification level of the work site is improved.

    ◆ The flexible and convenient air cleaning facility—FFU

    Flexible application The purification grade ranges from 1 to 10000 and it is easy to improve the purification grade.


    Convenient and flexible installation The modular design makes it convenient to install the facility. It is fit for any structure and clean rooms of all levels. It can also be used together with mobile clean rooms, clean corridors, clean benches, and so on.


    Easy maintenance The equipment with simple structure is convenient and cheap to maintain.


    ◆ Product features of ACTFil FFU driven by DC motor

    Distributed control As many as 64516 FFUs can be controlled and monitored by FFU distributed control system. Customized control environment is designed according to the client's actual situation.


    Various box materials The FFU box can be made of coating film, powder spraying steel plate, galvanized aluminium sheet, stainless steel and other materials according to the customer's requirements.


    Quiet FFU The powerful and energy-efficient fan ensures the device's long-term stability under high static pressure and with low noise.


    Energy-saving DC motor The energy-saving DC motor ensures the low power consumption and low operating cost. The more economical AC motor models are also available.


    Flexible and effective control method There is a variety of control options for ACTfil FFU driven by DC motor, including five-speed local control, power-saving stepless inverter control, PC distributed control and master-slave control.


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